Friday, 2 May 2014

Trip Advisor - Bali Adventure tours

A recent trip adviser review of our new rafting operation:
“Amazing value, professional set-up, top points to this organisation”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed April 29, 2014
These people know how to run a business. Rave review is a no-brainer for this joint - here's why:
- Pick-up bang on time from hotel
- Great facilities when you arrive - locker room, nice showers, plenty of friendly staff helping direct you
- We had an awesome, smiley and super friendly guide named Desu. Never once lobbied for a tip or anything, and unfortunately all of our gear was left in the locker so we actually didn't get a chance to give him anything, which we felt a bit bad about. But you'll never be made to feel as though you need to spend anything more than the ticket price
- The steps descending to the river (and yes there are a lot of them, so get ready for a workout) are a masterpiece - loads of thought and work has gone into this operation, all the equipment is top-notch
- You literally spend about two hours on the water - it's awesome fun. As you go down the river and see all of the other company's guest hobbling down overgrown, narrow steps with cheaper gear, you'll feel a bit of pity for them and thank the stars that you picked these guys. But I don't want to sound harsh, I guess you get what you pay for and not everything's affordable for everyone - all of the tour companies were good sports, we splashed all the other boats as we went past them and spirits were high between all those using the river
- The river is stunning - absolutely beautiful scenery the whole way
- Aside from an orgasmic local smoked duck experience elsewhere (which I'm not going to review on Tripadvisor, too good to publicise), my wife reckons the complementary buffet lunch after the rafting was the best on the trip. Top marks to these guys for this, as it would have been easy to just shovel some slop on a plate and fulfil the obligation, but rather they've got a great dining area attended by lovely staff with excellent food and dessert - really well thought out.
Nothing to knock about this adventure. Should be rated higher in my opinion.

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